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E-Commerce Website Development

The English Wine Shop

Project Summary

The online shop companion to the English Wine Centre website allows customers to view and purchase the finest wines England's vineyards have to offer.

The site needed an identity of its own whilst still keeping the style and branding of the main English Wine Centre website.

The custom shopping cart and content management system allow for an easy to update and user friendly website for both customer and administrator.

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Quality Shopping Experience

Ensuring that customers have a simple, easy to use shopping interface will result in more sales. With very specific requirements a custom developed shopping cart provides the best of both worlds for customer and administrator.

Custom Shopping Basket

With automatic allocation of the most expensive wines into 6 or 12 bottle cases the shopping basket ensures that the customer gets the best price on the wines selected.

Customer Focussed

The quick basket and simple basket management allow the customer to easily see and update their selected wines or cases, giving them complete control over the process.

E-Commerce Functionality

Getting customers to your site and ensuring they are confident in the security of the purchase process is key to a successful online shop. Using a well established 3rd party payment processor can help build that confidence.

Worldpay Integration

Integration with Worldpay allows customers to safely make their purchase assured that their payment details will be safe.

Micro Data

Having all products tagged with micro data ensures that Google and other search engines have a detailed understanding of the information on the page including the vineyard, product name and price.

Order Administration

Handling, processing and shipping orders in a timely manner help build customer confidence and increase the chance of the customer making anouther order.

Order Management

Custom order management allows the English Wine Centre to quickly see new orders that need picking and shipping or orders that are incomplete that can be followed up.

Detailed Order Information

Full details of each order can be access quickly and easily from the admin allowing the list of wines ordered to be collected, packaged and set to shipped with a minimum of fuss.

Simple, Easy Management

Generic content management systems are designed to do everything but remembering where the options you need are and trawling through menu after menu to find them can be a pain, and waste time - custom systems put it right in front of you making it easy to find every time.

Wine Management

With both quick and full update options, the administration area allows the site administrator to easily make quick changes to a number of wines or make more a detailed update to a single wine with the minimum of fuss.

Vineyards, Cases and More

The easy to use, focussed, administration area also allows the administrator to make changes to vineyards, cases and general site settings quickly, simply and without the need to learn a complicated generic content management system.

Sensible Data Usage

Having a database driven website means that you can make use of the data your website contains in many different ways allowing access to information available from many different channels and has the added benefit of maintaining the data a lot simpler.

Customer Focussed Data

Making full use of the wine data entered the site allows customers to look for wines through type, vineyard, year and region - all with no extra administration overhead.

Simple, Clear Iconography

Through the use of simple, clear icons it is easy for the customer to notice the key information about each of the wines - whilst also adding a nice touch of colour.