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Project Specification & Website Development

Swiss Watches Direct

Project Summary

Swiss Watches Direct are a very successfully watch retailer importing from Europe and selling TAG Heuer, Omega and other watches with substantial discounts.

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3rd Party Integration

Swiss Watches Direct integrates with numerous payment, social and other websites. Integration includes:

SagePay & PayPal

Direct payment can be made via credit card, debit card or American Express through the SagePay system or through PayPal.

Hitachi Capital

The finance payment system allows for both instant notification when possible or delayed response if the finance response needs further investigation. Swiss Watches Direct are automatically informed of any finance status changes.


Providing the optional watch insurance, quotes are obtained from MarchGuard's system for the insurance cost.

Order Management

Both complete and incomplete orders are displayed on the system allowing Swiss Watches Direct to follow up on the incompleted orders.

Full Order Details

Colour coded initial order summary page and email notification highlight the new orders allowing Swiss Watches Direct staff to quickly check up and access the full order information if required.

Print Ready

Order pages are specifically formatted to print out only the required information so that a paper version can be easily kept for records. Printed/unprinted status is show for all orders.

MicroData & Google Merchant Services

Set up to maximise search engine and shopping potential the site makes full use of semantic markup, micro data and integrations with Google Merchant Services.


Using micro data markup for every product allows search engines to gather a solid understanding of all of the product information and helps to produce quality search results for those shopping for watches.

Google Merchant Services

Fully integrated into Google Merchant Services the website automatically provided XML product data that is automatically uploaded at regular intervals ensuring that Swiss Watches Direct's product listing it always up-to-date and featuring the latest watches.

Responsive, Professional Website

The design remit was to create a more professional website, based around the existing look of the site, that would work across devices and provide confidence in the customer that they are buying from a reliable, trustworthy company.

Increased Trust

Creating a uniform look and feel throughout the site was key to providing the customer with a professional image instilling the trust and confidence for them to buy premium priced items.

Responsive Design

Ensuring the site provided a quality experience across the multitude of devices was one of the key remits for the redevelopment. Loosely based on the existing design the site now works across different devices and browsers.

Custom Product Management

Swiss Watches Direct manage the products available on the site through their own custom made Excel spreadsheets. These were then uploaded via FTP and processed via a specific URL to update all the watches in one go.

Simple, Easier Updates

Still wishing to manage the products via speadsheets the administration area now includes a dedicated upload area for speadsheets of all the products allowing direct upload and providing a list of the product files available, the number of poructs in the database and when the file was uploaded.

Detailed Management

Along with processing the main spreadsheet files Swiss Watches Direct can upload files for individual brands to provide partial bulk updates or update the details for an individual watch directly through the administration area.

Simple Site Management

A simple to use, tailored content management system allows Swiss Watches Direct to update a wide range of elements across the site without needing to worry about the technical details.

Fine Grained Control

The settings area allows Swiss Watches Direct to update many of the site wide features including delivery prices, finance levels, contact information and much more simply, quickly and without fuss.

Made For You

The custom content management system allows Swiss Watches Direct to update all the elements of the site that they would like without any risk of breaking the brand guidelines or the structural layout - just quick, easy, instant updates.